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No additional surface finish is required

Maintain accurate tolerance while cutting

Since heat is not applied, no heat distortions is present

No structure changes regardless of material thickness

The final finish is clean and smooth around the cutting edge



    Carbon Steel sheet metal and plate


    Plastics all types

    Rubber all types

    Stainless Steel sheet metal and plate

    UHMV and Teflon Sheets


Part of our wide range of equipment manufacturing is our shops flexibility to do custom water jet cutting. Currently occupying a manufacturing facility comprising of more than 86,225 square feet, Quality Fabrication & Design is fully equipped with a CNC water jet cutting machine that has added additional flexibility and capacity to cut any shapes and thickness of steel on a cutting bed size of 5' X 10'.


Our water jet operators study blueprints, sketches, engineering drawings, and our clients specifications to determine the dimensions and tolerance allowances of the finished product parts. Control details and set up requirements are calculated to regulate water jet cutting factors such as speed, depth and angle of cut. Machine control data is entered into the computer controller to direct the fabrication of the metallic and nonmetallic product parts. Accurate tolerance and no heat distortions while cutting assures no additional surface finishing is required in the manufacture of a quality product for out clients.

  • water jet cutting service offered by Quality Fabrication

    Cutting Stainless Steel Round Blanks

    The process of water jet cutting is simple. Water is pressurized to 55,000 psi by hydraulic intensification, and then forced through a small orifice in the cutting head. Inside a mixing tube, abrasive is mixed with the high pressure water, creating an abrasive water jet stream that exits the nozzle at about 1.5 times the speed of sound. Through a combination of micro erosion and a shear yielding of the material a narrow section of material is removed all the way through the thickness.

  • Downloading AutoCAD drawing to water jet steel patterns

    Quality Fabrication and Design, LP uses a jet of water so powerful it cuts cleanly and precisely through material in a single pass without heat, shredding or crushing. We use a combination of water and garnet to cut through materials considered “un-machineable” by standard cutting techniques. Because we cut with a narrow kerf, parts can be tightly nested, maximizing material usage.

    Our water jet cutting provides extremely accurate cuts, with a high degree of repeatability, over a wide range of materials and shapes. We can cut complex shapes, detailed corners and near-net parts with linear accuracy of ± 0.005 inch.

  • 5ft. X 10ft. bed cutting surface area

    Because our water jet cuts at room temperature, there is no heat-affected zone, thermal stress, hardening or annealing to your material. Since there is no tool-to-part contact, mechanical stress, shredding, crushing and other surface damage is eliminated.
    Our water jet cutting can provide you with numerous machining and cutting processes all in one operation. This can reduce or eliminate secondary operations for you, saving you both time and money. Our water jet performs: cutting, blanking, slitting, sawing, punching, profile milling, drilling and gear cutting.

  • Whatever is your industrial need, water jet is an accurate, flexible, and efficient cutting system. You owe it to yourself to give us the opportunity to work with your engineering staff, your project manager, or yourself on your next project. There is no project too small or too big that we wouldn't like to assist you with!!

  • Please give us the opportunity when the time comes to have your parts cut with a water jet process.  Quality Fabrication & Design is here to support your needs.
    Pick up the phone and call Alex Pier at 972-304-3266, Ext. 402, or e-mail me if you prefer at

……and remember…”Quality, is just not a name, is the way we do things”