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  • Model # FT- 2002
    Side View

    Our Tortilla Press/Oven model # FT-2002 is designed for dependable manufacturing of flour tortillas from 6" to 10" in diameter in both single and double row (up to 8" diameter) configurations.
    Pre-made dough balls (supplied by others) are fed into the press via an incline conveyor. After being pressed to size, the tortillas are discharged from the lower section of the press onto the upper tier oven conveyor belt to begin the cooking process. The multi-tier cooking and cooling conveyor belts provide an adjustable cooking temperature and dwell time for the tortilla before exiting the oven via an incline conveyor and being discharged onto an inspection table.


    Model # FT- 2002
    Front View

    A variety of adjustments are provided to allow for multiple sizes and types of tortillas to be manufactured on the same unit without the need for long changeover down times. The FT-2002 ease of use and design features allows for the unit to be operated by only one (1) operator. While additional operators may be required for high volume applications, the single point in-feed and out-feed design of the FT-2002 makes operating the unit a virtual trouble free operation.


  • In-store Tortilla Press and Oven for sale

    Model # FT- 2002 Technical Data And Machine Advantages

    Unit size 9’ x 4’.
    Requires a 15’ x 10’ space to operate.
    Electrical – 208-240 VAC, 1 phase, 80 amperes.
    Gas – 4” WC x 1 NPT connection.
    In-stock essential spare parts.


    Production capacity of up to 170 dozen per hour.
    Compact and easy to use.
    Easy to adjust – size, thickness, & bake temperature.
    “Single point” load/discharge for 1 operator convenience.
    Easy to maintain.
    Solid stainless steel construction.

  • If you have a strong interest purchasing this Tortilla Press and Oven
    Please call Alex Pier  972-304-3266 ext 402

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