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  • Kettle Style Fryer

    Kettle Style Fryer

    Quality Fabrication and Design, LP, is introducing its new line in the potato snack food processing equipment industry, the batch Kettle Styled Chip Fryer. Quality Fabrication's fryers have been designed and built to the same high "Quality" standards that have become synonymous with Quality Fabrication's equipment.
    Our new fryer greatly enhances the line of Quality Fabrication supplied processing equipment. These fryers are designed to cook batches with production capacities ranging from 180 lbs to 400 lbs. All fryers are supplied with a vertical heat exchanger with a wide range of up to 5 million BTU's.

  • Thermal Fluid Heating System

    Vertical Coil design thermal fluid (hot oil) heater offers a compact fuel fired 4-pass heater design capable of operating temperatures to 750°F (400°C) with heater sizes from 800,000 BTU/hr to 14,000,000 BTU/hr output. The heater is designed to allow for high fluid velocities and low film temperatures, which translates into system longevity.

  • QFD Kettle Fryer advantage/benefits over the conventional kettle fryers are:

    • The thermal fluids heat system heats the oil versus direct fire heating the pan
    • Defined cook profile through better temperature control
    • Integrated hood reduces moisture emissions in plant
    • Unique pan design allows for reduced sanitation and change over time
    • Independently controlled paddle position and speed units for reduced oil agitation

  • Please give us the opportunity when the time comes to replace or add a fryer, or any other piece of processing equipment to your production line.

  • Quality Fabrication & Design is here to support your needs.

    Pick up the phone and call Alex Pier at 972-304-3266, Ext. 402, or E-mail me if you prefer at

  • ……and remember…”Quality, is just not a name, is the way we do things”